The Cold Moon by Jeffery Deaver

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How long does it takes to die?


His victims would say forever…


At each horrific scene, he leaves a clock ticking.

He calls himself the Watchmaker.

And it’s only a matter of time before he strikes again.

Lincoln Rhyme is the best there is. Physically, he may face unimaginable challenges, but mentally, he has no limits. With model-turned-cop Amelia Sachs as his eyes, ears – and heart – Rhyme is on the Watchmaker’s trail within seconds.

But he’s not the only one gifted with a calculating intelligence. And this time his wits must be sharper than ever, to catch a killer cold as the moon.


I finally finished The Cold Moon by Jeffery Deaver yesterday and amazingly, I ignored my laptop in favor of finishing the book yesterday. I was surprised that the Watchmaker wasn’t caught in the end as I’m used to seeing villains killed or arrested (mostly killed, actually). Perhaps there would be a second series for the Watchmaker. Compared to the previous book, The Sleeping Doll, The Cold Moon’s plot is far more twisted. I have to admit I was surprised at the turn of events numerous times, which is a good thing really because if the reader can already anticipate the next conversation, then really, it’s not so exciting to read the book already, isn’t it? To think that the story started with The Watchmaker’s aiming of revenge and suddenly turns into terrorism at the end.

I totally adore Lincoln Rhyme’s character. I wasn’t surprised to read about his sarcastic personality and wouldn’t mind insulting people if given the chance. It was fun watching him interacting with everyone around him, especially the new rookie, Ron Pulaski. It’s something like a father-son relationship between these two but Lincoln isn’t the greatest person in expressing his emotions, I think, maybe only to Amelia Sachs. (I’m not too sure about their relationship yet since I have yet to read Deaver’s other books.) I really like Pulaski and was worried that he would be killed halfway through the book. The part where the rookie had to investigate a crime scene alone and had to communicate to Lincoln is one of my favorites.   

But anyways, I was happy to see Kathryn Dance in this book too and I love the part where she interacted with Lincoln Rhyme, alone. As they are experts in two totally different fields, Lincoln for forensics and Dance for kinesics, one could already pictured their rivalry. It was fascinating to read their debate about forensics and kinesics. However, due to the fact that they were working on the same case, The Watchmaker (Dance was actually invited as it was originally Lincoln’s case), they worked together and eventually got many problems solved. I still enjoyed the parts where Dance would interview people to get information, especially where she interviews Vincent, the rapist. The author brilliantly leads the reader to think that Dance was falling for Vincent’s trap but in actual fact, it was the other way around. 

In other words, this book is a great read and I’m glad that I picked it up, again intrigued by the title. Aside from my current favorite authors, (Patricia Cornwell, Lisa Jackson, Glenn Meade), Jeffery Deaver will be added to my current list as well.=D

My friend and I took an immediate liking to the book’s cover when we first laid our eyes on it.

Rating : 5


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